More nutrients for your plants

The bio-stimulator stimulates the microorganism of the soil: they metabolize the fertilizer in a natural way; this provides more nutrients to the plant. The millions of microorganism that are found after application of GREENHOPE Bio-stimulator achieve an increase of the quantity of nutrients in 20-25%.

The less nitrates the better!

Apart from being more productive, they increase the quality because of the reduction of the level of nitrates inside the plant. The intake of vegetables with high level of nitrates is dangerous to health.

100% biological

The authentic stimulators of Root, Growing and Blooming from Holland are manufactured from natural plant extracts, 100% biological. They are used worldwide in all different Dutch commercial installations in order to increase the growing and blooming as to get a better smell and taste.

Highest concentration

For each milliliter of Green Hope Bio-stimulator, you get up to 10 liters of irrigation solution. There are two different packaging sizes 60ml. and 120ml.